Nosetradamus III

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Thanks to Tosh.0 for plugging the first Nosetradamus and thanks to everyone for watching our stuff! Here's a special bonus Thursday update!

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Featuring Trey West as Nosetradamus!

Posted Thursday, May 19th
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14 comments on Nosetradamus III

  • eclectic shorts on 2015-03-08
    • Ha ha ha....

  • Grace Smith on 2012-12-23
    • 9 people took an arrow to the knee

  • rakso1597 on 2012-10-18
    • i watched a 30 second ad to watch a 16 seconds video

  • ShadowMonster520 on 2012-07-26
    • Funny but not as funny as the first one

  • greenops on 2011-08-24
    • I actually meant to post that on the main video oops!

  • greenops on 2011-08-24
    • @greenops Let me rephrase, every time you were in a video on tv.

  • greenops on 2011-08-24
    • Hey Trey West! I know your mom! I was in her German class at Arlington High School the last two years. Every time you were in a video she would bring it up on the projector during class. She is hands down the greatest teacher I had the pleasure of meeting during my time at AHS. She made an effort to become friends with absolutely every student that walked into her class. Tell Frau West that Chase says she's the greatest!

  • Funny Shorts on 2011-06-16
    • @Ngwebros I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but if I remember correctly on this one we recorded the audio after we shot the video in a completely separate take on the built in mic of an okay sound recorder.

  • Funny Shorts on 2011-06-16
    • @WeKeepItSmooth Thanks! Can't wait to see the YTCI projects all finished.

  • OffRoadKingdom on 2011-05-27
    • .... PEnis rwj

  • thomas osbourne on 2011-05-20
    • @HagazX nosetradamus predicts when your going to sneeze...nostradamus predicts other shit...get it nose-sneeze?

  • HagazX on 2011-05-20
    • I've seen 3 parts... and I still don't get the joke....

  • Adventruer on 2011-05-20
    • nose-tradamus. Now I get it. D: I'm so stupid

  • EpicGracification on 2011-05-20
    • Poor Nosetradamus

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