Word So Obscene You Can't Even Say It on the Internet

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Did you know there's a word so obscene, you can't even say it on the internet?

Featuring Trey West as the other guy!

Posted Tuesday, May 17th
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26 comments on Word So Obscene You Can't Even Say It on the Internet

  • Jordanationalismtion on 2014-07-21
    • That right there is a badass Optimus Prime toy.

  • Sumo Cat on 2014-06-18
    • first one was hourse balls second one was cock monkeys

  • Isabelle Marie on 2013-07-15
    • I heard cock cookies -.-

  • ɟɟo ʞɔnɟ on 2013-06-13
    • That apartment reminds me of curious George

  • Nebulaoblivion on 2013-01-15

  • JJ3571 on 2013-01-03
    • I want my word now

  • Grace Smith on 2012-12-23
    • hay like this comment if you want to knnow that magic word that will turn rocks into kittehs O.O

  • Fabricio Pereira on 2012-10-30
    • Stifler? Is that you?

  • JBvanBroekhoven26 on 2012-10-24
    • Annnnddd why can't one say it on the internet? just a 15th century clothing item to accentuate your genitals. what's bad about that?

  • NLPrometheus on 2012-10-21
    • its not that you cant say it on the internet, its that you cant say it on youtube

  • Afrosquad on 2012-10-20
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  • TheDoctor1224 on 2012-10-20
    • The bird is the word!

  • chris velez on 2012-10-19
    • whats da word?

  • Abominable on 2012-10-19
    • first time i tried to watch the video, it wouldn't load

  • Ree sc stacks on 2012-10-18
    • cock dookies

  • Fatal Moshey on 2012-10-18
    • I think Moist queef is the best.

  • randomrank92 on 2012-10-18
    • cunt cookies obviously

  • peanutlego on 2012-10-18
    • i thought it was ''caliss!'', a french word to say WTF

  • Ekaterina Kochegura on 2012-10-17
    • i heard C*ckpiece...

  • Gioaba Valentin on 2012-10-17
    • i eat mother fkers! idiots

  • potatoskinftw on 2012-10-17
    • i bet its ***********

  • HellSpawnCY on 2012-10-17
    • Well fuck you too.

  • TheAwsomedude61798 on 2012-09-28
    • I heard cunt cookies

  • Funny Shorts on 2011-08-22
    • @shoegazetechnicolor yep. it's codpiece.

  • Lauren Arrow on 2011-05-18
    • horsepenis and cockcookies. nice. you are classy ladies, all of you.

  • Yegor Rowan on 2011-05-18
    • is the word? ANAL FISTING ROBOT ARMY?! oh shit i just said it

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