Dust Cover (Your Mouth)

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A New York Times Best Smelling sequel

(since the last one ended in a sniffhanger.)

Featuring Nicki Cathro
and Trey West as Nosetradamus!

Posted Sunday, May 1st
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8 comments on Dust Cover (Your Mouth)

  • kballo321 on 2011-10-06
    • @acuralegend07 aw, that hurt my feelings

  • kballo321 on 2011-09-20
    • @acuralegend07 so on a scale of 1000 to 10000, they are right next to fucking awesome?(top comment plz)

  • Funny Shorts on 2011-06-16
    • @Raura The first one is actually a clip from River's Dance off the Firefly soundtrack. This one is just stock music, if I remember correctly.

  • Zack Meredith on 2011-06-10
    • i dont get it

  • Spencerk Kucharchuk on 2011-05-24
    • Mrfunnyshorts, you are my fucking idol. You rock. Lol this is the first thing to make me laugh while no one else is around in a long time. Hmu sometime dude.

  • Raura on 2011-05-23
    • Hah! Simple, but great. Are the ending ditties for this one and #1 from anything in particular?

  • Funny Shorts on 2011-05-22
    • woops! fixed the link to part 3.

  • Tri Vu on 2011-05-19
    • You guys are great! I am now your 80th subscriber!

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