Banana Speed Date

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Speed dating is a great way to meet potential partners.

featuring Rachael Simone!

Posted Tuesday, April 13th
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10 comments on Banana Speed Date

  • BreakDuhLegz on 2013-02-12
    • The banana ideas are great, will work for food was amazing as well

  • Funny Shorts on 2011-08-02
    • @midgetking101 For legal reasons its not really a good idea for us to use other people's ideas. But feel free to send me some if you want... you should make them yourself!

  • Yegor Rowan on 2011-07-25
    • @mrfunnyshorts i have ideas sometimes ... can i messege u the idea? and i could get partial credit? bc im sure u have access to better editing software and actors then i do at my highschool.

  • Funny Shorts on 2011-06-16
    • @midgetking101 Generally one of us will come up with an idea and sort of develop it, but we all contribute ideas and improv all the time.

  • siradmiralbanana on 2011-06-05
    • Indeed. I am a banana as well. You can tell by my clever name (it is a clue to my fellow banana brethren that I am indeed a banana).

  • joakim Haugland on 2011-05-19
    • at first I was like -.- and then at 0:11 in I was like o_O and when it spoke I was like O_O. but seriously wtf...

  • Yegor Rowan on 2011-05-18
    • @mrfunnyshorts LMAO! do u guys like do it as a team or what?

  • Funny Shorts on 2011-05-18
    • @midgetking101 sup.

  • Yegor Rowan on 2011-05-18
    • OMG!!!! wtf! who writes this shit?!

  • Kyriakos Georgiou on 2010-07-04
    • Gwarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn Jaimal

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